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IRCC welcomes 1,040 applicants for Express Entry in the most recent lottery.

Invitations for the most recent Express Entry draw have been sent out by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In a general draw, 1,040 individuals were invited by the department. A minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 543 was required of candidates.

express entry draws 2024

It was the second draw of 2024 after the general draw on January 10th, which welcomed 1,510 candidates from all Express Entry-managed programs to participate. To be considered, candidates had to have a minimum CRS score of 546.

The most recent draws come after IRCC held seven consecutive Express Entry lotteries in December, during which it invited candidates. For individuals applying through Express Entry who satisfied the requirements for French language fluency as well as trades, transportation, STEM, agricultural, and agri-food occupations, there were two draws for the entire program and the remaining five were category-based selection draws.

The IRCC conducted 42 Express Entry drawings in 2023. All-program draws, which are now known as general draws, made up the majority (19). Between late June and December, the IRCC also extended invitations to candidates for 17 category-based selection draws. Lastly, there was one draw just for Federal Skilled Worker candidates and five draws that exclusively took into account Express Entry candidates nominated under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

It is hard to forecast how the Express Entry results will change in 2024. The IRCC no longer holds drawings at a set frequency, and it is impossible to foresee the kinds of draws that will take place.

The Immigration Levels Plan 2024–2026 states that the government intends to admit up to 110,770 new permanent residents to Canada in 2024 and that in order to help reach the 117,500 admissions target in 2025, it will be necessary to issue enough ITAs. Given that it can take the IRCC up to six months to process an Express Entry application, a large number of these invites will be sent out in 2024.

An overview of the 2024 Express Entry drawings


Draw Type

Number of ITAs

Minimum CRS







What is Express Entry?

We are Express entry experts in Edmonton. Express Entry is a great pathway for skilled workers to get their residency in Canada. Due to the fast processing times under this system, potential applicants can get their Permanent residency quickly. The applications for permanent residency are managed under federal economic immigration programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class Program.

How does the Express Entry system work?

  1. Express your interest in creating your profile online on the express entry portal

  2. Get an invitation to apply also called ITA

  3. Apply for permanent residency online 

what is express entry canada visa?

While this appears to be simple, there are certain criteria to be met before applying under this system. There are three different economic immigration programs under the Express Entry, the candidates must meet the eligibility criteria under at least one of these three programs in order to create a profile.


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