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We are Express entry experts in Edmonton. Express Entry is a great pathway for skilled workers to get their residency in Canada. Due to the fast processing times under this system potential applicants can get their Permanent residency quicker. The applications for permanent residency are managed under the federal economic immigration programs such as the Federal Skilled worker program, Federal skilled trades program, and the Canadian experience class program.

Express Entry
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How does the Express Entry system work?

  1. Express your interest by creating your profile online on the express entry portal

  2. Get an invitation to apply also called ITA

  3. Apply for permanent residency online 

While this appears to be simple, there are certain criteria to be met before applying under this system. There are three different economic immigration programs under the Express Entry, the candidates must meet the eligibility criteria under at least one of these three programs in order to create a profile.

For further assessment of your eligibility in one of the programs under Express Entry, Contact our expert team.


Check your CRS under Express Entry :

Get information on the latest Express Entry draws:

Did you know that?

- One can be eligible for one than one program under the Express Entry at the same time.

- One can score additional points up to 50 under Express Entry CRS by scoring CLB 7 in French skills.

- Francophones can claim job offer points without needing the LMIA.

- The lowest CRS points under Express Entry draw was 75 in Feb 2021.

We specialize in immigration under Express Entry, get in touch with us today, so we can assist you to fulfill your dream of becoming Permanent Resident under this program.


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