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Canadian citizenship is the last step in the process of migration. A Canadian citizen can vote in elections, do not have to worry about any status documentation, and can travel on a Canadian passport to many countries without a visa. Unlike Permanent residents, Canadian Citizens do not have to worry about physical presence in Canada and can stay outside Canada for as long as they wish to.

Canadian Citizenship

Who can apply?

A person who is a permanent resident and


  1. Has lived in Canada for at least 3 out of 5 years.

  2. Filed their taxes

  3. Pass a citizenship test

  4. Proven their language skills in English or french 

Apart from the aforementioned general requirements, there are other significant conditions as well which if not fulfilled or met, could make a person ineligible for applying for Canadian citizenship.


Check your eligibility for physical presence

Prepare for your Citizenship exam

Please contact us if you require any assistance in applying for your Canadian citizenship


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