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The process of filling an application could be overwhelming and it might not bring the desired results sometimes , do not get disheartened. There are always alternatives to each problem. We, at Gogna immigration specialize in dealing with refused applications. We work with our clients to understand the reasons for refusal and thrive to find the best possible solution by either appealing the negative decision with new facts and figures or in some cases making a new application with a unique strategy. To consult regarding your application contact us and explore your options

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Commonly made mistakes:

There are some common mistakes due to which an application could be rejected, a decision could be negative and potentially could impact someone's future. Few common mistakes are summarised below:

1. Use of incorrect types of form versions or type of application.

2. Errors and omissions (use of expired documents, failing to comply with the timelines).

3. Missing additional documents (Letter of explanation, supporting documents).

4. Inconsistencies in the information filled on the forms.

5. Making submissions to incorrect visa offices

We at Gogna immigration pay attention to each and every small detail of the application for optimal approval chances

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