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Alberta launched a New PR Pathway Program: Tourism and Hospitality Stream: Getting Around Alberta's Advantage:

With its stunning mountains, energetic cities, and vast grasslands, Alberta's terrain serves as both a backdrop for adventure and a booming hub for the travel and hospitality sectors. In recognition of the critical role that this industry plays, the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) provides a streamlined route for professionals in this sector to permanently settle in Alberta.

alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream

This is a thorough guide to help you grasp the requirements of employers, the AAIP criteria, and how to take advantage of this chance to ensure a future in Alberta's thriving tourism and hospitality industry.

Recognizing the Tourism and Hospitality Stream of AAIP:

The Tourism and Hospitality Stream of the AAIP has been carefully crafted to assist those who are already making a significant contribution to this thriving industry. It is imperative that you carefully fulfill the requirements of the stream, whether you are applying at this time or when it is being reviewed. Making sure your employment or job offer fits the program's approved employer and industry lists is part of this.

Accepted Employer Standards

You must be working for or have a job offer from a single, authorized employer in Alberta's tourism and hospitality industry for your application to be taken into consideration. This prerequisite demonstrates the program's dedication to supporting high-caliber jobs and industry standards in the province.

Eligible Industries and Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) Coverage:

The WCB - Alberta industry code's definition of qualifying industries must include your employer's principal business operations. This covers a broad range of industries, including restaurants, caterers, hotels, museums, and art galleries in addition to ski resorts. To ensure compliance and protection at work, it is also necessary to provide proof of your employer's legitimate WCB coverage in the form of a clearance letter.

Table 1: Eligible WCB Industries for AAIP

Eligible WCB industries and exempt activities

WCB industry code

Sample activities

Museums/Art Galleries


Art Galleries, Art Museums, Interpretive Centres, Museums

Zoos/Game Farms


Game Farms, Zoos

Bowling Alleys/Billiard Parlours


Billiard Parlours, Bowling Alleys, Pool Halls

Golf Clubs/Ranges


Operation of Driving Ranges, Golf Courses

Ski Resorts/Gondolas


Operation of Chairlifts, Gondolas, Ski Instruction, Ski Resorts

Casinos/Dance Halls


Casino Halls, Dance Halls



Arenas, Stadiums, Race Tracks

Travel Agency/Motor Association


Operation of Wildlife and Wilderness Associations, Tour Guides, Tourist Promotion, Park Associations



Operation of Coffee Shops, Drive-In Restaurants, Restaurants, Take-Out Services, Bartending Services

Hotels/Convention Centres


Operation of Bed and Breakfast, Cabins and Motels, Convention Centres

Sports and Recreation


Operation of Amusement Parks and Rec Resorts, Hot Air Ballooning, Boats, Pleasure and Water Tours, Campsites

Property Management/Hostels


Operation of Hostels, Bingo Halls, Airports

Private Clubs


Private Clubs, Sporting Clubs, Fitness Clubs and Gun Clubs

Operation of a Curling Rink


Activity is identified within multiple WCB industries/codes

Operation of an Ice Skating Rink


Activity is identified within multiple WCB industries/codes

Operation of a Cricket Field


Activity is identified within multiple WCB industries/codes

Operation of a Convention Bureau


Activity is identified within multiple WCB industries/codes

Operation of an Information Bureau


Activity is identified within multiple WCB industries/codes

Promotions, sports and entertainment


Activity is identified within multiple WCB industries/codes

Professional sports


Activity is identified within multiple WCB industries/codes

Membership in the Sector Association and Travel Alberta

One distinctive feature of the AAIP requirements is that employers must be listed as Experience Providers on the Travel Alberta website or members of an authorized sector group. This prerequisite highlights the value of industry participation and Alberta's promotion as a top travel destination.

Table 2: List of Eligible Sector Associations for AAIP


Sector association


Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)


Alberta Bed and Breakfast Association (ABBA)

Food and Beverage

Restaurants Canada

Indigenous Tourism

Indigenous Tourism Alberta

Recreation and Entertainment

Canadian Association of Tour Operators (CATO)

Recreation and Entertainment

Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA)

Recreation and Entertainment

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)

Recreation and Entertainment

Alberta Golf Association

Meetings, Conventions, and Incentive Tourism

Convention Centres Canada (CCC)

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism Industry Association of Alberta (TIAA)

Tourism and Hospitality

Alberta Hospitality Association

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism HR Canada

Tourism and Hospitality

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC)

Employment and Occupation Requirements

The program lists the particular jobs that fall under this category; these jobs include tour guides, hotel front desk employees, and chefs and cooks. To be qualified, your present employment in Alberta must fit one of these listed eligible occupations. In order to emphasize the program's focus on sustained contribution to the industry, applicants must furthermore show that they have worked full-time for at least six consecutive months with an approved employer in the sector.

Employment Contract or Job Offer

It is required that your present Alberta employer extends to you a legitimate full-time work offer or employment contract for an appropriate occupation. This agreement must guarantee a minimum of thirty hours of work each week for a period of twelve months or longer, providing stability and a pledge of long-term employment in the province.

Requirements for Education and Language

Applicants must have achieved a minimum of a high school education equivalent to Canadian standards and meet particular language competence requirements. These specifications guarantee that applicants have the abilities and know-how required to succeed in Alberta's fast-paced workplace.


For experts in this dynamic industry, the Tourism and Hospitality Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program offers a fantastic opportunity.

alberta immigration consultant

Through comprehension and adherence to the unique eligibility requirements, authorized employer prerequisites, and industry-specific rules, you can successfully navigate your path to a bright career in Alberta's tourist and hospitality sector. Regardless of your background—curator of art galleries, manager of a ski resort, master chef—Alberta welcomes anybody who is eager to add to its vibrant economy and rich cultural tapestry.


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