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How does IRCC verify the authenticity of job offers for immigration purposes?

An employment offer might provide significant assistance for a Canadian immigration application.

how to verify authenticity of canada job offer?

Job offers and Canadian work experience are frequently required for qualifying in many economic immigration streams. Furthermore, having a Canadian offer of employment can assist individuals gain a work permit, allowing them to live and work in Canada before obtaining permanent residence (PR) status.

However, job offers can also be used to commit fraud and frauds, and newcomers are especially vulnerable to such deception.

To help determine whether an employment offer is legitimate, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has developed a framework for assessing document authenticity. When assessing an employment offer in support of a work visa application, IRCC considers whether:

  • The employer giving the job is “actively engaged” in the business.

  • The job offer meets the employer's reasonable demands;

  • The job offer includes terms that the employer can reasonably fulfill;

  • The job offer comes from an employer or authorized recruiter who has previously demonstrated conformity with federal and provincial standards for employment in the province/territory where the candidate would work.

IRCC further states that an employer's contact information must be included on the offer of employment.

Is the employer actively involved in the business?

Under this requirement, the IRCC considers whether the entity proposing employment is legally established and capable to provide the applicant with stable employment. To ascertain this, IRCC evaluates whether the organization.

  • Has an operational business.

  • Provides a product or service; and

  • There is a physical work place in Canada where the candidate will work.

Following this, IRCC officers examine the “engagement” of the employer in the firm by looking at such employer's

  • Business start date;

  • Type of business:

  • The number of staff

  • Gross earnings; and

  • Principal activity.

Officers will conduct a more detailed review if:

Business information raises worries regarding active engagement (for example, the business is one year old); and/or

There is little to no publicly available information on the organization (via internet searches).

Is the job offer compatible with the employer's requirements?

IRCC officials must be convinced that the employment offer is reasonable in the context of the employer's business. The position for which an applicant is being employed should be one that is fairly expected in the organization's sector/industry.

Furthermore, if contacted by IRCC, employers must be able to explain the job that they are hiring for, how it meets a reasonable employment need in terms of both occupation (why a professional of this kind is needed at this business) and operation (what the job offered will entail to meet the employer's needs).

Can the employer fairly carry out the provisions of the employment offer?

Employers must demonstrate that they can fairly fulfill the terms outlined in their employment offer letter, including hours of labor, salary, and any benefits provided. They must also be able to supply the working conditions specified in the offer, which must meet provincial and territorial criteria.

If the examining officer requires additional information, they may request to see certain legal and tax documents directly from the company. This may contain employer T4 slips, a worker's compensation clearance letter, business contracts, and so on.

Does the employer follow the laws governing employment and recruitment?

canada employers hires foreign workers.

IRCC must also determine whether the employer is in compliance with federal and provincial/territorial employment and recruitment regulations.

Any prior or existing infringement of Canadian federal and provincial laws will be examined at this stage.

IRCC will also determine (if a recruiter was used to hire a foreign national) if recruiting professionals involved in the hiring process were licensed at the time the offer of employment was issued.

Employers who fail to cooperate with an IRCC request for information may have their applications denied.

For more information on acquiring a Canadian work permit, please visit our dedicated homepage.

For more information on what IRCC considers when reviewing an offer of employment as part of a work permit application, visit the department's website. Click Here


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